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Podcast: Climate Change Knowledge Co-production in East Africa

Water Knowledge Exchange Hub has produced its first podcast, on the subject of climate change knowledge co-production in East Africa.

In this episode, Prof Anna Mdee  (CGD Associate Director) chats with Dr John Marsham and Prof Doug Parker of the University of Leeds, and Dr Dorice Agol, an independent consultant in East Africa, to discuss the lessons we can learn from knowledge co-production and transfer ventures around Climate Change.

For the past decade, there have been a number of climate change knowledge transfer projects which seek to improve the capacity of State institutions to deliver timely weather forecasting ability. But what is the knowledge transfer chain and does it, in reality, add value to State effort towards accurate weather and climate forecasting? How is the information generated from such knowledge co-production processes packaged, then used and by whom? What are the current and future opportunities for knowledge co-production in Climate Change research and capacity building? How can partners from East Africa drive knowledge co-production processes more directly and with confidence to suit their own needs?

Water Knowledge Exchange Hub is a water@leeds and Global Water Partnership-Tanzania project.  The podcast is also available on Youtube here.