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The Centre for Global Development was established in 1984 as an interdisciplinary network, integrating research and expertise across the University of Leeds, addressing the transformation of human societies in response to critical global challenges such as poverty, inequality and climate change.

We are now a hub for research and engagement on the politics of global development, rooted in the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS).  We form one of the central pillars of our School's aim to address the politics of global challenges.  We engage with critical understandings of past, present and future global transformations from the local to the global scale.  Intellectually we are unified by a commitment to analysing how politics and power produce and perpetuate multiple intersecting inequalities, as well as exploring  ideas and practices of ‘just’ transformations in human societies.

This work is rooted in critical development studies and the political economy of development.  We are no longer specifically focused on ‘developing’ countries or the ‘Global South’:  the interconnected challenges of poverty, inequality and climate change demand global understandings.

CGD has a long history of interdisciplinarity and membership is open across the University of Leeds.  Our core membership is in POLIS  in the social sciences and in critical development studies, but the nature of development studies means that we rarely work in isolation.  We actively seek collaboration between the natural and physical sciences, engineering, medical sciences and the humanities. Our researchers are actively involved in collaborations and partnerships with external agencies such as the UN, national governments, NGOs and civil society organisations.



Dr Geoff Goodwin co-convenes conference at the Université Libre de Bruxelles

Dr Geoff Goodwin co-convened and presented at a conference at ULB in Belgium. Lecturer in Global Political Economy and Co-director of the Centre for Global Development, Dr Geoff Goodwin, co-convened a conference – ‘Capturing the Countermovement’ – in Belgium on 19 – 20 April 2023.   The event, which was co-convened by Dr Jacinto Cuvi and hosted by...

CGD Webinar ‘COP27 and Global South Perspectives on the Climate Change Crisis’

Photo Source: Climate Visuals - an irrigation project in Mozambique. On the 8th December 2022, the Centre for Global Development (CGD) hosted a panel of speakers from the University of Leeds who reflected on the recent United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP27 in the Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh. Beginning with an...

Food Systems Research Network for Africa (FSNet-Africa) hosting Summer School at Leeds

The Food Systems Research Network for Africa (FSNet-Africa) is hosting this year’s second Summer School at the University of Leeds  from the 20th of June 2022. It follows up on the succesful first University of Pretoria (UP) Summer School that was held online in January 2022. The summer school aims to build capacities and strengthen...

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RiDNet Workshop: Difficult Research Environments & Sensitive Topics

This workshop is organised as part of our RiDNet brown bag workshop series, and will take place on Wednesday 3rd...

RiDNet Workshop: Successful Grant Proposal Writing

This workshop is organised as part of our RiDNet career development workshops, and will take place on Thursday 30th March...

Navigating Fieldwork in Different Cultures & Contexts - Workshop 3 South/East Asia

The Researchers in Development PhD Network (RiDNet) is a multi-disciplinary, cross faculty network for PhD and early career researchers working in international...

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