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Blog: Co-authored by CGD member Dr Jörg Wiegratz

Check out the following blog in The Conversation, co-authored by CGD member Dr Jörg Wiegratz: Fintech is sold as the answer to Africa’s problems, but digital money services have downsides which media often overlook.

Prof. Anna Mdee convened a workshop exploring: 'Afrocentricity- Putting Africa at the Centre of Analysis'

Afrocentricity- Putting Africa at the Centre of Analysis Workshop Report As a consequence of the nature of research and development funding, collaborative work with partners and stakeholders in Africa are still often framed in discourses of simplification and paternalism.   In this workshop, we brought together academics from the Universities of Leeds and Bradford to discuss...

Dr Simon Manda convenes a Symposium: ‘At What Point Managed Loss and Damage in the Global South? Climate Governance, Risks and Adaptation.’

On 20th September 2023, co-Director for the Centre for Global Development Dr Simon Manda convened a symposium focused on Managed Loss and Damage in the Global South with a focus on Climate Governance, Risks and Adaptation. He was joined by Co-Director Dr Geoff Goodwin and the CGD Ambassador Rachel Parker. The symposium was built on...

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RiDNet PhD Transfer Workshop

RiDNet Transfer Workshop This hybrid workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss the specifics of the transfer process and to...

Getting published: How should I approach writing a journal article or working paper?

The Key to Writing: From a Global Development Studies Perspective. Practical RiDNet Workshops for PhD Researchers, Masters Students, and Early...

Book Launch: Disrupted Development in the Congo: The Fragile Foundations of the African Mining Consensus

The Centre for Global Development (CGD) and Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) are delighted to host the launch of Dr...

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Our Work

The Centre for Global Development was established in 1984 as an interdisciplinary network, integrating research and expertise across the University of Leeds, addressing the transformation of human societies in response to critical global challenges such as poverty, inequality and climate change.

We are now a hub for research and engagement on the politics of global development, rooted in the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS).  We form one of the central pillars of our School's aim to address the politics of global challenges.  We engage with critical understandings of past, present and future global transformations from the local to the global scale.  Intellectually we are unified by a commitment to analysing how politics and power produce and perpetuate multiple intersecting inequalities, as well as exploring  ideas and practices of ‘just’ transformations in human societies.

This work is rooted in critical development studies and the political economy of development.  We are no longer specifically focused on ‘developing’ countries or the ‘Global South’:  the interconnected challenges of poverty, inequality and climate change demand global understandings.

CGD has a long history of interdisciplinarity and membership is open across the University of Leeds.  Our core membership is in POLIS  in the social sciences and in critical development studies, but the nature of development studies means that we rarely work in isolation.  We actively seek collaboration between the natural and physical sciences, engineering, medical sciences and the humanities. Our researchers are actively involved in collaborations and partnerships with external agencies such as the UN, national governments, NGOs and civil society organisations.