Researchers in Development PhD Network | @RiDNet_Leeds

Participants at RiDNet’s Working with Research Assistants in the Field workshop

The Researchers in Development PhD Network (RiDNet) is a multi-disciplinary, cross faculty network for PhD and early career researchers working in international development at the University of Leeds.

This network shares ideas and builds links among PhD and early career researchers working on development issues. We host events throughout the year, including seminars, discussions, workshops, conferences, and socials. To keep up to date with our activities, follow us on @RiDNet_Leeds.

RidNet Management Committee

RiDNet Coordinator – Caroline Ward (Sustainability Research Institute)

Lizzie Caperon (Leeds Institute of Health Sciences)

Louise Beveridge (Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science)

Laura Smith (Sustainability Research Institute)

Lena Brand Correa (Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy)

Thomas Smith (Sustainability Research Institute)

Kate Massarella (Sustainability Research Institute and University of York Environment Department)

PhD fieldwork locations

Take a look at where some of RiDNet’s members have conducted their fieldwork. Current students who are planning to conduct, or will be conducting, their fieldwork in a specific location may use it as a resource.