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Dr Dorice Agol

Research Associate
Areas of expertise
WASH, Integrated water resources management (IWRM), climate change, renewable energy, natural resources management, livelihoods, social protection, poverty, inequality, environmental justice M&E.


I am an international researcher with over 10 year’s practical experience in development, humanitarian and environment fields. I work on various SDGs issues ranging from WASH, climate change, natural resources, gender, youth, education, health and well-being, livelihoods and social protection, food security, governance, corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental and human rights. I am also an M&E expert and policy and institutional analyst. I have worked for various international organizations including UNICEF, FAO, WFP, World Vision, FARM AFRICA, ODI, IBTCI and WWF.  I am also a Research Associate at the University of East Anglia, UK. I am fluent in English and Swahili with basic command in French and Spanish.

My main interest lies at the research-policy-practice interfaces and how their outcomes influence the achievement of the SDGS.

Education and training                 

PhD International Development (IWRM), University of East Anglia, (UEA)UK (Sept 2006- July 2010)

MSc. Biological Sciences and Natural Resources Management, University of Leicester, UK (Sept 2003- July 2004)

BSc. Environmental Science, University of Southampton, UK (Sept 2000- July 2003)

Diploma, Environmental Studies, the Technical University of Kenya, Kenya (1991-1994)

Past and recent Projects and position

Kenya Towns Sustainable Water Supply & Sanitation Programme (2020)- Capacity Building Specialist,

Poverty, Inequality, Risks and Education amongst Pastoralists (2018-20)- Researcher and Coordinator

Sustainable Urban Economic Development (SUED) (2019-21)- Monitoring and Evaluation Expert

Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA), County Climate Change Fund (2019)- Research Expert

M-Haki, Knowledge Management and Exchange Platform, Human Rights- Technical Advisor

Planning for Resilience in East Africa through Policy, Adaptation, Research, and Economic Development (PREPARED) 2016- Regional Integration Expert, M&E

WASH in Institutions (Schools and Health care facilities) (2015-16)- WASH Expert

Selected publications

Agol, D and Harvey P (2018). Gender differences related to WASH in schools and educational efficiency. Water Alternatives 11 (2):284296

Agol, D., Harvey, P. and Maíllo, J (2017) Sanitation and water supply in schools and girl’s educational progression in Zambia. Available Online, 21 November 2017, washdev2017032, DO1:10.2166/washdev.2017.032

Agol, D, et al (2017) Complex agricultural livelihoods & aflatoxin exposure in rural Uganda. Afri.J. Food. Agric.Nutri.Dev 17(1): 11726-11742

Agol, D.  (2017) Lighting up rural Kenya: Lessons learnt from rural electrification programmes.  Edited book by Simcock, N. et al. Energy Poverty:  A global Perspective. Routledge Publications.

Latawiec, A. and Agol, D (Ed) “Sustainability Indicators in Practice” Degruyter Publisher, (2016)

Gilberthorpe, E., Agol, D. and Gegg, T. (2016). Sustainable Mining’? Corporate Social Responsibility, Migration and Livelihood Choices in Zambia. Journal of Development Studies. ISSN 0022-0388

Agol, D (2015) Measuring sustainable indicators for river basin management. Edited book by Latawiec, A. and Agol, D “Sustainability Indicators in Practice” Degruyter Publisher, (2015)

Agol, D., Latawiec, A and Strassburg, B (2014) Project impact evaluation using sustainability indicators: opportunities and challenges. Environmental Impact Assessment Review 48: 1-9

Asiki, G, Seeley, J, Agol, D et al (2014) A pilot study to evaluate aflatoxin exposure in a rural Ugandan population: Tropical Medicine & International Health 19 (5):592-9.