The Centre for Global Development hosts and delivers numerous development related events.

Each year we hold our Annual Lecture and invite a prominent academic or senior figure from the development field to speak on a current development issue

We also hold collaborative events and lectures with partners within the University of Leeds, including the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI), LUCAS, water@leeds, Priestly Centre for Climate Research and Applied Institute for Research in Economics (AIRE), and from outside the Univeristy of Leeds.

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Focusing particularly on the challenges of maintaining food security amidst climate change in Africa, and addressing emerging infectious diseases and pandemic threats, Melissa Leach will explore this ‘pathways approach’ in action.
The Researchers in Development Network (RiDNet) invites PhD students and early career researchers across the disciplines to attend a Brown Bag Lunch Series designed to explore different methods of doing research in developing countries and to discuss ongoing research projects.
The Interdisciplinary Seminar Series aims to bring together two members from different disciplinary backgrounds to discuss their approach to a particular issue and how interdisciplinary collaboration can be enhanced.
Come, meet and network with other PhD students and early career researchers working in the area of development and join the network.
Food security, Health and Impact Knowledge Brokering The goal of this conference was to demonstrate and share lessons on how to translate research results into impact on food security and human health in sub-Saharan Africa. It had two objectives: To determine how the results of basic science and inter-disciplinary research lead to impact on food…
This international network, led by the Centre for Global Development at the University of Leeds, Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York and Sheffield International Development Network at the University of Sheffield, brings together an international team of scholars interested in developing a new research agenda on ‘transformative justice after mass violence and the role of non-governmental actors’.
This workshop critically explores the relationship between the politics of aid and being HIV positive in East Africa.
Juany Murphy is from the Otra Cosa Network, a network that mediates between foreign volunteers and local NGOs in Preu. Juany will talk about the constraints and possibilities of volunteering programmes, the programmes Otra Cosa supports in Peru, and how you can get involved, learn and contribute.
RIPOCA Research Findings Workshop
The Centre for Global Development is pleased to welcome Londiwe Nkiwane.