Transformative Gender Justice

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This workshop looked at the potential for judicial and non-judicial justice mechanisms to have transformative outcomes upon gender relations and the position of women in countries with histories of political violence, conflict and chronic criminal and social violence.

The term transformative justice has emerged in response to concerns over the limited effects of existing justice mechanisms, including those proposed by transitional and criminal justice. The problematic of gender based violence extends far beyond classic understandings of conflict and peace and is much more complex than most institutionalized justice mechanisms can address.

Nevertheless, there are important signs of innovative approaches in international human rights law as well as at the local level: from rulings regarding comprehensive reparations, cultural change projects in cities, to increasing numbers of anti-violence men’s groups throughout the world. Panelists will present their work from a wide range of perspectives and based on empirical work in Latin America, Africa, Central Asia, the Pacific, and the UK.

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