People: Water Governance Group

NameJob titleAreas of expertise
Dr Dorice Agol
Dr Dorice AgolResearch AssociateWASH, Integrated water resources management (IWRM), climate change, renewable energy, natural resources management, livelihoods, social protection, poverty, inequality, environmental justice M&E.
Dr Constance Awinpoka AkuruguVisiting FellowSociology; Feminist Theory and Gender Studies; African Feminism(s); Postcolonial Studies, Anthropology of Ontologies; Northern Ghana
Dr Josh CohenResearch Fellow in Water & Sanitation Governance
Dr Geoff Goodwin
Dr Geoff GoodwinCo-Director for CGD / Lecturer in Global Political Economywater (de) commodification; coproduction; water activism; water infrastructure; communal water management and services; Ecuador; Colombia
Leonie Hyde-Smith
Leonie Hyde-SmithPhD Researcher (in Civil Engineering)Climate resilient sanitation
Dr Simon Manda
Dr Simon MandaCo-Director for CGD / Lecturer in International DevelopmentLand and Water Politics; Livelihoods; Food Systems; African Agriculture; Gender; Politics of Development; Commodity Chain Methodologies; Climate Financing; Energy Transitions; Zambia
Professor Anna Mdee
Professor Anna MdeeProfessor in the Politics of Global DevelopmentDevelopment practice: how the aid system works (or doesn’t work), Water politics and governance; basic service delivery; natural resources management, and sustainable livelihoods.
Vivian NsiahPhD ResearcherBeyond the White Western Gaze of the "Poor African Girl": Collaborative Exploration of Water Governance in Northern Ghana
Dr Pedi Chiemena Obani
Dr Pedi Chiemena ObaniResearch Associate (Visiting Research Fellow- Water Security Hub)Human rights to sanitation; SDG 6 water; Inclusive development
Dr Alesia D. Ofori
Dr Alesia D. OforiResearch Fellow in Water & Sanitation GovernanceNatural Resources Governance; Political ecology; Water politics; Gold Mining; Ghana
Dr Nathalie Richards
Dr Nathalie RichardsResearch AssociateWater governance in East Africa
Shivani Singhal
Shivani SinghalPhD Researcher (GCRF Water Security Hub)Political ecology, hydropolitics, India, Water Security
Ruth SylvesterPhD ResearcherA decolonial feminist perspective on gender programming in the WASH sector
Dewa Ayu Putu Eva Wishanti
Dewa Ayu Putu Eva WishantiPhD ResearcherWater Governance; Sanitation; Water Privatisation; Indonesia
Mariam Zaqout
Mariam ZaqoutPhD Researcher (in Civil Engineering)Sanitation, Service characteristics, Bangladesh, Institutional capacity analysis