People: Affiliated Staff

NameJob titleAreas of expertise
Dr Emma-Louise Anderson
Dr Emma-Louise AndersonAssociate Professor in International Development International development, global health, health diplomacy, infectious diseases, gender, African agency, Malawi
Dr Winnie BedigenTeaching Fellow in Global DevelopmentPeacebuilding; cultural institutions; gender and development; South Sudan; Uganda
Dr Alex BeresfordAssociate Professor in African PoliticsAfrican politics; South Africa; Rwanda; corruption; liberation movements; labour and work; transitional justice.
Dr Ruth Bookbinder
Dr Ruth BookbinderPostdoctoral Research FellowPolitical economy of energy policy; energy transitions; rent-seeking; resource allocation in organisations; institutional change; South African politics
Professor Ray BushProfessor of African Studies and Development PoliticsPolitical Economy; Africa and the Near East; Rural Development and Underdevelopment; Peasants and Farming; Economic Reform; Resistance and Radical Transformation
Dr Josh CohenResearch Fellow in Water & Sanitation Governance
Professor Caroline Dyer
Professor Caroline DyerProfessor of Education and International DevelopmentEducation, social inclusion and social justice, particularly for mobile communities; dynamics of social disadvantage, inequalities and education inclusion. Drylands contexts (India, Afghanistan, Kenya and Ethiopia) on differing forms of education and pastoralist livelihoods.
Professor Barbara Evans
Professor Barbara EvansProfessor in Public Health EngineeringDelivery of sustainable and equitable sanitation and water services in the global south at the intersection of infrastructure, institutions and politics.
Dr Markus Fraundorfer
Dr Markus FraundorferLecturer in Global GovernanceGlobal Governance; Global Health; Global Food Security; Global Development Challenges; Cosmopolitanism; Brazil; Brazilian Foreign Policy
Dr Alba GriffinPost-Doctoral Research AssistantSocial imaginaries, violence, Latin America, popular culture, urban space, youth, ethnography
Dr Yoshiharu KobayashiLecturer in Research Methodsforeign aid; economic sanctions; domestic politics of foreign policy
Professor Simon LightfootProfessor of PoliticsDevelopment Aid Policy; EU politics; Teaching and Learning
Professor Anna Mdee
Professor Anna MdeeProfessor in the Politics of Global DevelopmentDevelopment practice: how the aid system works (or doesn’t work), Water politics and governance; basic service delivery; natural resources management, and sustainable livelihoods.
Dr Lata Narayanaswamy
Dr Lata NarayanaswamyAssociate Professor in the Politics of Global DevelopmentMy research interrogates how knowledge is both understood and operationalised in development theory and practice. My work is geared to designing approaches to interrogate the contextual factors and associated barriers that mitigate the capacity of marginalised groups in particular to access and act on information.
Dr Alesia D. Ofori
Dr Alesia D. OforiResearch Fellow in Water & Sanitation GovernanceNatural Resources Governance; Political ecology; Water politics; Gold Mining; Ghana
Dr Viktoria Spaiser
Dr Viktoria SpaiserAssociate Professor in Sustainability Research and Computational Social Sciencesustainability; society and climate change; sustainable development goals; computational social science; quantitative research methods; democratization; social media
Dr Nisha ThomasResearch Fellow in EducationEducation and accountability; International volunteering
Dr Lisa ThorleyTeaching Fellow in Global DevelopmentGender and Development; Land and Food Security; HIV/AIDS; Development Practice
Professor Garrett Wallace BrownProfessor in Political Theory & Global Health PolicyGlobal Health Policy; Cosmopolitanism; Immanuel Kant; Global Constitutionalism; Global Justice; Global Health Financing; Health System Strengthening; Health Equity; R2P; Deliberative Global Governance
Dr Jörg Wiegratz
Dr Jörg WiegratzLecturer in Political Economy of Global DevelopmentNeoliberalism especially neoliberal moral economy and moral restructuring, market society, economic fraud, cultural political economy, everyday IPE, global value chains, industrial development, human resource development and African development, predominantly with an empirical focus on Uganda.
Dr Owain Williams