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The Interdisciplinary Seminar Series aims to bring together two members from different disciplinary backgrounds to discuss their approach to a particular issue and how interdisciplinary collaboration can be enhanced.
Researchers in Development seminar, 18 August 2011. This seminar was aimed at PhD Researchers conducting fieldwork in low to middle income countries. For those who had done their fieldwork, it was an opportunity to reflect on experiences and share ideas. For those with fieldwork still to come, it was a chance to ask questions and…
RiDN hosted a seminar on Ethics in Overseas Fieldwork on 13 July 2011. The seminar was aimed at PhD Researchers who will be conducting or have conducted their fieldwork overseas in low to middle income countries. It focused on both general ethical issues of conducting fieldwork overseas, as well as provided guidance for filling in…
Juany Murphy is from the Otra Cosa Network, a network that mediates between foreign volunteers and local NGOs in Preu. Juany will talk about the constraints and possibilities of volunteering programmes, the programmes Otra Cosa supports in Peru, and how you can get involved, learn and contribute.
The Centre for Global Development is pleased to welcome Londiwe Nkiwane.
Topical seminar delivered by David Howlett, a visiting Senior Research Fellow in Climate Change and Agriculture from Africa College (University of Leeds).