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Opportunity for a paid placement with CGD and LSSI


The Centre for Global Development (CGD), in collaboration with the Leeds Social Sciences Institute (LSSI), is offering a placement opportunity for a post graduate research student to undertake a review of global development research activity across the University of Leeds (UoL), and the social sciences in particular. The student will be based in either the Faculty of Arts, Environment, ESSL, LUBS and have a strong understanding of the field of global development. The review will inform the CGD, LSSI and the wider University community about research conducted in the area of global development by academics at the University of Leeds. It will also contribute towards institutional planning for the Global Challenges Research Fund, Newton and other funding opportunities.

The placement is funded by CGD. The successful applicant will receive a bursary of £1000, and will be employed by the University of Leeds for the placement.

Project Title:  Global Development Research at Leeds
Length of Placement:  Up to 60 hours (working hours per week to be decided)
Proposed start date:  June 2017
End date: 31 July 2017
Location of Placement: CGD/LSSI, University of Leeds


The CGD is an interdisciplinary research centre. Established in 1984, the Centre draws on the expertise of over sixty members from different schools and faculties at the University of Leeds in the field of international development. The Centre’s aims are to promote academic excellence through generating interdisciplinary knowledge on development issues in low income countries, and pursuing collaborative research with institutions in the developing world.

The work of social scientists is supported and enhanced by the Leeds Social Sciences Institute.  The LSSI is a large, vibrant Institute which fosters interdisciplinary and international research collaborations, promoting relations with external partners in the public, private and third sectors and building capacity through the provision of training and skills development for the next generation of research leaders.

The Task

The successful applicant will work on a review of global development research activity across the University of Leeds (UoL), using data provided by LUCID. LUCID is a university of Leeds-based literature searching service and they have provided us with a list of academics at the University of Leeds who have been publishing in the area of global development. The list includes the names of the academics (about 250), the schools they are associated with, and a link to their publication list on Scopus.

The project will mainly involve desk based data research (both quantitative and qualitative), data collection, quality assurance, and report writing.

The researcher will be asked to:

  • Review the data provided by LUCID. This should include checking if all academics on the list are really involved in global development research (some names found may have only very tentative links to the research area and should either be deleted or italicised if it may not be completely relevant but might still be useful); if they are still employed at Leeds; how may publications they have relevant to the field.
  • Cross check the list provided by LUCID with the members’ list of the CGD and add any missing names to the list and gather their relevant data from Scopus (with help from LUCID)
  • Gather brief comprehensive information on the core research interests of all the academics of the list and, if easy to find, list the countries and/or regional areas they work in
  • Gather information about any research funding awards (with help from RIS) and add these to the list
  • Undertake a mapping exercise using the data and the extra information gathered to understand where current internal strengths in the area of global development at the University of Leeds, in particular related to the social sciences.
  • Undertake a mapping exercise to understand where current internal (and external) international collaborations are occurring.
  • Present your findings in user-friendly outputs, and produce a visual representation of the Global Development Strengths at Leeds to promote our research expertise to internal and external audiences

The majority of this work will be undertaken directly by the post graduate researcher. In consultation with CGD, the Leeds Social Sciences Institute will develop the programme of work for the placement, and provide suitable office accommodation and equipment.

Skills required

  • Knowledge of the field of International Development
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • An ability to work independently
  • Experience of carrying out quantitative and qualitative research
  • An interest in global development research and an ability to work with data from a range of disciplines
  • Experience of use of visualisation tools would be desirable

Closing date: 16 June 2017

Applicants should submit a short CV plus a one page statement explaining why they would like to take up this opportunity, and what experiences and skills make them suited to the position to Professor Caroline Dyer at

Applications will be considered by the panel and successful applicants will be notified within two weeks of the closing date. For PhD students Written confirmation of support from the applicant’s supervisor will be required with the application.

For enquiries please contact Professor Caroline Dyer <> or Josine Opmeer <>.