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DSA Women and Development Study Group

Friday 17 March 2017

‘Interrogating the Nexus  of Alternative Knowledges, Evidence and Impact in GAD Research and Practice’

DSA Women and Development Study Group and Centre for Global Development (CGD)

This one day workshop examines the relationship between efforts to promote gender equality and how development is measured, and whether we are measuring what matters, or what can be measured. The workshop looks critically at the nexus between gender, evidence and impact in development. We explore the opportunities for feminist and participatory methodologies to shape alternative approaches to evidence, and enable alternative knowledges and/or feminisms to be revealed, whilst recognising that these must nevertheless function within and/or respond to the rise of managerial, technocratic ‘solutions’ delivered through mechanisms such as payment-by-results. The workshop will critically explore the contemporary prominence of evidence-based programming, and what counts, and to whom, as ‘credible evidence’ in GAD practice.


Professor Elaine Unterhalter, University College London

‘Education, measurement and gender inequality – what is the evidence?’

Professor Sally Engle Merry, New York University

‘The Seductions of Quantification: The Politics of Measuring Human Rights and Gender Violence’

Na Ncube, The Global Native

‘The practitioner view: impact and evidence in development’

Claudia Pollen, University of Leeds

‘An analysis of Women Workers’ Agency using the Global Production Network Framework: Assessing Women’s Experience of Work using a Feminist/GAD approach’

Shannon Philip, University of Oxford

‘Addressing Violence Towards Women: Bringing the perspectives of men and masculinities to the centre’

Lili Harris, Plan UK

‘Gender, Adolescence and Social Norms: Evidence from a 9 Country Longitudinal Cohort Study’

Emily Balls, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

‘Challenges in measuring gender equality in academic contexts in low and middle income countries’

Lunch and refreshments included. Please email the organiser with any dietary requirements

Location details

Seminar room 8.20N Worsley

Worsley Building is number 95 on the Campus map

Directions to the room: From the Medical coffee bar area, turn right, go up one flight of stairs, go straight ahead, through double doors, turn right through one set of double doors, room N is second on left.