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1st Africa College International Conference

Wednesday 22 - Friday 24 June, 2011

Food security, Health and Impact Knowledge Brokering

The goal of this conference was to demonstrate and share lessons on how to translate research results into impact on food security and human health in sub-Saharan Africa. It had two objectives:

  • To determine how the results of basic science and inter-disciplinary research lead to impact on food security and human health.
  • To explore how partnerships between research and development organisations deliver innovation and impact.

The conference programme consisted of eight elements:

Plenary Sessions with presentations from leading African, British and European scientists and research users setting out the challenges to be addressed.

Knowledge exchange and brokering sessions an opportunity for participants to share experiences with small groups of delegates in a 30 minute sessions.

Thematic sessions to focus on how impact has been achieved in different thematic areas.

Learning sessions to focus on how to achieve impact on specific issues.

Poster sessions to highlight the work of delegates and their organisations. There will be a prize for the best poster on impact, how this was achieved, and lessons learnt.

Exhibition stands Organisations and individuals had the opportunity to book exhibition stands to display and share their experiences.

Side events and networking sessions Space was provided in the programme for delegates to run side meetings and networking sessions on specific topics and ideas.

Behrens Lecture and Award Ceremony Dr Monty Jones delivered the Behrens lecture, and announced the winners of the Africa College Competition on impact.

Full event information: 1st Africa College International Conference