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Navigating Fieldwork in Different Cultures & Contexts - Workshop 3 South/East Asia

Brown Bag
RiDNet Workshop
Friday 24 March 2023, 10:00
Online (Teams)

The Researchers in Development PhD Network (RiDNet) is a multi-disciplinary, cross faculty network for PhD and early career researchers working in international development at the University of Leeds. Many of RiDNet members undertake fieldwork overseas in different cultures and contexts. Fieldwork is an exciting part of many PhD journeys, but there is also a certain degree of 'unknown' when travelling to a new place and having to navigate different environments.

As part of our practical brownbag workshops, we are organising a series of workshops entitled 'Navigating Fieldwork in Different Cultures and Contexts'. The idea is to help students who are about to embark on fieldwork in different and/or 'unknown' environments to hear from researchers who have already been to those contexts/regions, who would share experiences and reflections from their fieldwork in cultures and contexts that were new to them - and what they learnt through the process. So far, we have held workshops focusing on Africa and Central/South America.

This third workshop will take place on Friday 24th March 10-12pm UK Time & will focus on South/East Asia. We have 4 speakers who have experience of working in different regions of South/East Asia:
1. Shivani Singhal, POLIS, University of Leeds - India
2. Eva Wishanti, POLIS, University of Leeds - Indonesia
3. Clare Richardson-Barlow, SRI, University of Leeds- China
4. Mohammad Didarul Islam, POLIS, University of Leeds - Bangladesh

Each speaker will present (~10-15mins) in turn to provide an overview of the practicalities of doing research in different cultural contexts - for example navigating power dynamics, learning what is culturally appropriate in terms of greeting different members of the community, and accepting invitations so as not to offend. The presentations will then be followed by an open floor Q&A to give participants the opportunity to ask direct and more relevant questions. We will hold the event online so that those not in Leeds can attend. Please register via this form and we will send you a Teams link.

We also welcome any feedback and/or comments on the outline and structure of this event. Many thanks.