Centre for Global Development

Religion and Development

religionInvestigating and understanding the links between religions and development is reflected in broader socio-political changes that have seen religion emerge as an increasingly relevant factor in public life globally.  This raises questions that are central to the development enterprise.

For instance, how does religion hinder or help the pursuit of gender equality;  what is the role of faith based organisations in humanitarian aid and development; or should donors adapt their priorities and agendas to accommodate the needs and preferences of ‘faith communities’? These are complex questions that are at the core of this important new area within the study of global development.

Dr Emma Tomalin at the Department of Theology and Religious Studies and has both teaching and research specialisms in ‘religions and development’. She co-ordinates two well established MA programmes taught jointly between Theology and Religious Studies and the Centre for Global Development: ‘Religious Studies and Global Development’ and ‘Theology and Global Development’.


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