Risk & Risk Assessment in Overseas Fieldwork

RiDNet hosted a seminar on Risk & Risk Assessment in Overseas Fieldwork, facilitated by Jon Presten and Sarah Burdall from Health and Safety.  Please find below a description of the seminar and resources to help you fill in your risk assessment form.

Seminar Description

There are risks involved in all research activities, particularly when these activities are conducted within a foreign environment.  Before conducting fieldwork overseas it is important that you consider what potential risks might be involved to you as a researcher and individual.  While it is recognized that some risks are unavoidable, it is important that all necessary precautions are taken to minimize these potential risks.

In this light, it is required by the University that a risk assessment form is completed prior to conducting fieldwork.  With the use of practical examples, this session will explore the potential risks that need to be considered when conducting fieldwork in low to middle income countries and the steps that should be taken to minimize them.  The aims of this session are to aid you in filling in the university’s risk assessment form and to provide important tips that will help you to remain safe while in the field.

Important Websites


Low Risk Fieldwork Risk Assessment

Medium Risk Fieldwork Risk Assessment

High Risk Fieldwork Risk Assessment