Livelihoods and economic security

Fundamental to our research approach is the recognition that we are trying to achieve growth and security in situations where there are imbalances of power, as well as in contexts of significant, dynamic change.

We work to understand how to secure sustainable livelihoods and create economic stability in the context of population movements, urbanisation, transboundary migration, war and disruption, and increasing environmental vulnerability. Often, this means dispensing with outdated, flawed science that dictates a certain way of dealing with people and replacing it with innovative approaches and understandings that promote social equality.

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The No Poor Project

The European Union funded No-Poor project (2012-2017) explores the dimensions and dynamics of Indian urban poverty. It spans 6 areas: 1) poverty dimensions; 2) impact of international aid; 3) impact of globalisation and migration; 4) inclusion and exclusion in social networks, work and cities; 5) education and social protection; and 6) states and political systems. The project has produced a policy brief, as well as a working paper and a peer reviewed publication.


Livelihoods and Learning: Education For All and the marginalisation of mobile pastoralists

“The book is too rich to summarise adequately in a short review, [….] It will remain for a long time the defining book on education and mobile pastoralism, of relevance to many parts of the world and to international policy makers on EFA; the drafters of the post–2015 education goals will find it a “must-read”. Read full review of Livelihoods and Learning here.