NameJob titleResearch Area
Anyaa Adim Addo
Anyaa Adim AddoLecturer in Caribbean HistoryCaribbean history, empire and colonialism, travel and tourism, gender history, business history and historical geography
Nilam Ashra-McGrath
Nilam Ashra-McGrathResearch Uptake Manager, COMDIS-HSDOpen access challenges for LMICs, NGO management, media representations of development, and the sociology of communications work
Martin Dallimer
Martin DallimerAssociate Professor of Environment and DevelopmentBiodiversity conservation and ecosystem services; sustainable agriculture, land-use and development; and urban greenspaces and sustainable cities.
Andy Dougill
Andy DougillDean of Faculty & Professor of Environmental SustainabilitySoil Degradation, Agricultural Development Participatory and Environmental Monitoring
Professor Graham Dutfield
Professor Graham DutfieldProfessor of International GovernanceIntellectual property and access to knowledge, human rights, sustainable development, health, agriculture, genetics, biotechnology, traditional knowledge and folklore, bioprospecting, and indigenous peoples' rights.
Gary Dymski
Gary DymskiProfessor of Applied EconomicsPublic Policy, Political Economy, Money and Banking, Macroeconomics
Alan Grainger
Alan GraingerSenior Lecturer in Global Change & PolicyModelling and monitoring of tropical deforestation and land use change; the role of tropical forest biodiversity and carbon stores in global environmental change; sustainable development, desertification, and the analysis of forest policy and institutions.
Anna Mdee
Anna MdeeAssociate Professor in International DevelopmentDevelopment practice: how the aid system works (or doesn’t work), how to improve local service delivery and governance; how to manage natural resources, and how to reduce vulnerability through improved livelihoods.
Chris Paterson
Chris PatersonSenior Lecturer in International CommunicationNews media; journalism
Paul Routledge
Paul RoutledgeProfessor of Social MovementsGeopolitics, climate change, social justice, civil society, the environment, and social movements.
Susannah Sallu
Susannah SalluAssociate Professor of Environment and DevelopmentHuman-environment interactions and more specifically on rural livelihoods, environmental change, marginalisation and natural resource governance.
Suman Seth
Suman SethLecturer in EconomicsDevelopment Economics; Public Economics with emphasis on Distributional Analysis; Applied Microeconomics; Welfare Economics (Applied); Applied Microeconometrics
Jörg Wiegratz
Jörg WiegratzLecturer in Political Economy of Global DevelopmentNeoliberalism especially neoliberal moral economy and moral restructuring, market society, economic fraud, cultural political economy, everyday IPE, global value chains, industrial development, human resource development and African development, predominantly with an empirical focus on Uganda.
Polly Wilding
Polly WildingLecturer in Gender and International DevelopmentLatin America; How the issue of violence interacts with a range of gender issues, including poverty, social exclusion, and access to services.
Michael Wilson
Michael WilsonProgramme Leader for International Educational ManagementInternational, comparative and intercultural aspects of educational leadership and management, both in schools and the higher education sector
Gaston Yalonetzky
Gaston YalonetzkyLecturer in EconomicsDistributional analysis; Public and Welfare Economics; Economic development; Applied Statistics