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'Decolonising Aid' policy brief written by Dr Lata Narayanaswamy


Dr Lata Narayanaswamy, Associate Professor in the Politics of Global Development and CGD Affiliate Member, has written a policy brief on 'Decolonising Aid'. The briefing was commissioned by the Gender and Development Network, a network of UK-based NGOs and leading experts working with partners worldwide "to put gender equality and women’s rights at the heart of international development”.

The briefing seeks to examine why UK aid must be decolonised and looks at some of the first steps for working towards this. Within the report, Dr Narayanaswamy explores colonialism, its enduring legacy on global development and what it would mean to re-imagine aid as reparations. The briefing concludes with suggestions of ways forward for the UK aid sector, with recommendations for both government and international non-governmental organisations (INGOs).

What a privilege to be able to support the engagement and activism of the Gender and Development Network and its members around race and decolonisation. I hope this report can help to be a part of supporting much-needed conversations in the Aid sector.  Acknowledging our shared colonial past is a process not an outcome, and I hope this paper contributes in some small way to helping with that collective journey.


View the briefing in full.