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6th Annual RiDNet conference 2018: Measuring, Evaluating and Documenting Development: Linking Academia and Practice

RiDNet Annual Conferences

RiDNet is a student-led network of PhD students and early career researchers working in international development and/or conducting social research in developing countries. Our annual conference is a great opportunity for students and early career researchers to share their experiences, research and methods with industry experts as well as leading academics.

This year, the conference aims to explore the methods and tools used to measure, evaluate and document development, both in the world of academia and in development practice. The conference will focus on three themes:

  1. Measuring and evaluating development: qualitative, quantitative and/or mixed approaches to measuring impact; monitoring and evaluation in NGO and donor projects, feeding research into practice, participatory approaches to evaluating research and practice, benefits and/or challenges of ‘measuring’ development, indicators and global goals (e.g. Sustainable Development Goals).
  2. Reporting and Documenting Development: This theme explores how development is reported in the various media (mass media, social media), what effect(s) this has on the various stakeholders (donor communities, affected communities, governments, NGOs, general public perceptions etc). New, innovative and/or disruptive ways of documenting and reporting development are also explored.
  3. Linking academia and practice: research collaboration with practitioners in the field, local or international organisations (including NGOs/INGOs), exploring ways of academia influencing policy and policymakers, finding common ground between academic research and practitioners including the challenges, benefits or rewards of collaborative working between academia and practice in development research

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Keynote Speakers TBC