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Summer School participants blog about their experiences

Summer school

Last month Centre for Global Development held its annual Summer School. The theme was The Post-2015 Agenda, and over four days we had an array of lectures, interactive workshops, simulations, debates, talks and presentations from University of Leeds lecturers, guest speakers, practitioners, activists - and 18 fantastic participants from different backgrounds and regions of the world. Three of our participants blog about their experiences.

"A particular highlight was a session on negotiating positions of different blocs of countries for upcoming talks on the proposed SDGs, the finance summit in Addis Adaba and the climate negotiations in Paris" Read Jim's blog

"...the speakers were always very eager to discuss their research interests with us, and moreover designed their sessions in a very interactive way that kept the Summer School engaging throughout" Read Franzsi's blog

" triggered some puzzlement and subsequent reflection when participants in the summer school presented a view or argument challenging my pre-understandings of development" Read Tanja's blog