Centre for Global Development


There are a number of research areas represented in the Centre for Global Development. This section highlights the work of just some of the academics whose work is connected to development.  Click on the links below to see members’ current research projects.

  • Research Projects

  • Education and Development

    Education is seen as key to addressing marginalisation and poverty, but it can also be a cause of both. Working through these tensions, analysing educational processes and linking development theories to education theory, policy and practices is a rich and challenging interdisciplinary field of Global Development at Leeds.

  • Environment, Development and Sustainability

    Research on agricultural and food production systems, food security and renewable energy being carried out in the School of Earth and Environment, East Asian Studies and the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy.

  • Gender and Development

    Over the last decade, there has been growing media, academic and policy interest in relation to the surge in economic, social and criminal violence. Yet the debate tends to focus by default on young men and boys as the primary victims of these forms of violence. Violence, however, does not occur in a male-only vacuum, but rather men and women are both actors and victims, perpetrators and defenders.

  • Global Justice and Development

    Researchers at the Centre for Global Development are currently working with the Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York on issues of Transformative Justice, and are part of the Transformative Justice Network.

  • HIV/AIDS and Development

    HIV/AIDS is a major threat to human security worldwide. Whereas the global response to the epidemic in poor regions has intensified since 2000, the disease is not under control. Social, epidemiological, and global political economic factors shape the course of a disease, and thus of individual lives and households.

  • International Health and Development

    International health and development is a key research area of the Centre for Global Development. Evidence based health policies and appropriate health interventions to the needs of specific communities, are identified by the World Health Organisation as key components to promoting, maintaining and sustaining the health status of populations.

  • Religion and Development

    Investigating and understanding the links between religions and development is reflected in broader socio-political changes that have seen religion emerge as an increasingly relevant factor in public life globally. This raises questions that are central to the development enterprise.

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