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Gloria Namande

gloria-namande-webDegree: Msc Sustainability (Environment and Development), 2008-2009

School of Earth and Environment

What were you doing before you applied to your chosen programme?

I was doing an internship with the Aga Khan Development Network in Uganda on a project to enhance Universal Primary Education and communities in Uganda.  The project aimed at improving the livelihoods of school children in less privileged communities in Uganda. I was responsible for developing project workplans, implementation and monitoring of project activities.

Why did you apply to the programme?

While working in the project schools, I realised that environmental education had not been fully integrated in education, and with my first degree in Community forestry I realised that there is a need to integrate environmental issues in the education system. Thus my major task was to help teachers integrate environmental education and to help them understand the need to conserve their school environments through school environmental clubs.

This coupled with the increasing degradation in Uganda and environmental hazards, I found it fit to undertake an Msc in Sustainability (Environment and Development). In addition, I felt there was a need for me to support my country in developing sustainable solutions to the increasing environmental challenges.

What are your best memories from studying at Leeds?

The lecturers in my school were very supportive throughout my course. They were so approachable and at any time they would be willing to help out. This helped me easily understand the fundamental principles of my course and to successfully complete it.

The cultural diversity in my class was also such a memorable experience.   I was able to learn from my fellow students who came from different cultural backgrounds, and how cultural diversity influences sustainable development

Our class had sessions where every semester we had special days on which we could go out on evenings with our Course Coordinator.  During these evenings, we could share about our personal life experiences. This was such an interesting moment to learn from each other and share our lifetime experiences, this kept us together as a class and I am still in touch with many of my classmates.

What distinctive skills did you learn from studying at Leeds

The interaction we had in my class, the group discussions and presentations were very rewarding.  Being a multi-cultural class with people from diverse backgrounds, it built my confidence in sharing in teams and appreciating everyone’s contribution.

I also learnt to think critically in every situation which has helped me in my current job as a technical officer and advisor on energy and environment issues.

What are you doing now?  Did the degree help you to get where you are?

Currently I work with in as a technical officer with the German Development Cooperation based in Kampala, Uganda and working specifically with the Energy Programme. This is a programme that provides technical support and advisory services on energy, environment and policy issues.

I believe that my masters course has helped me currently in my work because the programme I work for is aimed at developing sustainable development solutions to the current energy crisis in Uganda and supporting the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.

In the programme we work on diverse aspects affecting the energy situation in Uganda which involve policy, environmental, social and economic issues that were the core components of my MSc course.

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