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Alexa Bingham

alexa-binghamMA International Development

I took an undergraduate degree in English at the University of Leeds and decided, by the end of the course, that my passions lay in international development. Initially, I was quite worried about the swift change in subject and spoke to staff in POLIS about fears of falling behind with new concepts such as economics and contemporary politics. However, I found the staff incredibly supportive and gladly decided to go ahead with my plan.

Choosing Leeds

After applying to five different universities, my decision to stay at Leeds was based upon a number of factors: the advanced levels of research undertaken by the lecturers, the warmness and encouragement I felt from staff in the department, the quantity of overseas students from whom I would gain wider perspectives on development and the vibrancy of the Leeds campus.

My study experience

As compared to my undergraduate course, I have found my fellow students more passionate and focused. The fact that everyone is full of energy and ideas has meant a year of exciting debate. These interactions and friendships have been a great motivation for following aspirations to work in international development abroad.

Future prospects

I hope that my MA will lead to a career in development project management and, until that time, plan to apply for a variety of positions in charities, volunteer organisations and the public sector. The combination of practical and theoretical knowledge gained has increased my confidence to aim highly in that respect and I have already received positive feedback from employers.

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