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Student Profiles

  • Nicholas Loubere

    I was immediately drawn to Leeds because of the outstanding reputation of the Department of East Asian Studies and the enthusiasm of my supervisor. The fact that Leeds is home to the National Institute of Chinese Studies (NICS), the White Rose East Asia Centre (WREAC), and the Centre for Global Development (CGD) also contributed to my decision to apply to the University.

  • Francis Attah

    Any study around the subject of public health will definitely revolve around honing your skills around the basic principles of epidemiology, disease mapping/surveillance, statistical tools, public health research and interventions. But at NCIHD, it’s a lot more than that, it’s an integration of classroom experience and practical experience of those who have been on the frontline of public health research and interventions, preparing you for a real world experience.

  • Alexa Bingham

    As compared to my undergraduate course, I have found my fellow students more passionate and focused. The fact that everyone is full of energy and ideas has meant a year of exciting debate. These interactions and friendships have been a great motivation for following aspirations to work in international development abroad.

  • Oliver Godsmark

    There is a really inclusive feel to studying at Leeds at the postgraduate level. My best memories include developing friendships with like-minded people and getting to know my peers both intellectually and socially. Excellent research seminars on South Asia, and Imperial and Colonial Studies, also stand out as another highlight.

  • Grace Verankira Munisi

    Having worked with Gender department in the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children in Tanzania, I wanted a programme that could integrate gender issues and development and found POLIS to be the best place in fulfilling my objective and ambition.

  • Gloria Namande

    The lecturers in my school were very supportive throughout my course. They were so approachable and at any time they would be willing to help out. This helped me easily understand the fundamental principles of my course and to successfully complete it. The cultural diversity in my class was also such a memorable experience. I was able to learn from my fellow students who came from different cultural backgrounds, and how cultural diversity influences sustainable development

  • Emily Preston

    I have many great memories from my time at Leeds and I am sure more to come. What was nice about studying a difficult language like Chinese at undergraduate level was that class sizes were quite small and contact hours long. This meant that students got to know each other and develop friendships quickly.

  • Andrea Wilkinson

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Leeds studying for an MA in International Development. The teaching staff were extremely interesting and had a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of International Development, but, more than that, they were incredibly supportive and encouraging.

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