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CGD AIRE Annual Lecture 2014: The Microfinance Delusion

Centre for Global Development (CGD)

Applied Institute for Research in Economics (AIRE)

2014 Lecture

On 6 November 2014 the Centre for Global Development (CGD) and the Applied Institute for Research in Economics (AIRE) at themilford-bateman_8293 University of Leeds successfully hosted their second joint lecture, entitled “The Microfinance Delusion: Explaining the Destructive Rise of Local Neoliberalism”. The lecture was given by Professor Milford Bateman (author of Why Doesn’t Microfinance Work?) with responses from Professor Thankom Arun (author of Microfinance: A Reader) and Dr Jason Hickel (author of The Girl Effect). Professor Gary Dymski (director of AIRE) chaired the lecture and provided concluding remarks. Over 120 people attended the event, including experts on microfinance and global development from across the UK and abroad. The lecture and responses were followed by a spirited discussion involving the speakers and members of the audience, which carried over into the wine reception afterwards. A selection of video clips from the event will be posted on the CGD and AIRE websites in the near future, along with papers from Professor Bateman, Professor Arun, Dr Hickel and others. Visit our Blog on the event.

 Professor Milford Bateman

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